Water and wellbeing


We all know that water is essential for health and wellbeing, yet most people are constantly dehydrated. The quality and quantity of water you drink can affect many things, including:

  • your energy levels
  • your concentration
  • your ability to lose weight
  • the way your body functions.

Read more about how you can improve these things by drinking the right kind of water.


The Nikken website is a great source of free information about water and wellbeing. You can read about Nikken products, discover the latest health related news and access excellent resources. You will also find links to microsites including:

  • Nikken University
  • Nikken Sleep Centre
  • Magnetic Technology Centre
  • Whole Foods Revolution.

For people living in the USA and Canada you can also purchase Nikken products online.
If you're living in another part of the world and wish to purchase products, please contact Miriam.

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